Protecting Your Investments

I’m a writer for a living, but sometimes its really scary having my computer in public places. My entire work portfolio, sometimes I’ve spent years on, could be sitting on there at any time. I travel a lot and always have my work laptop with me in case I have a burst of inspiration. My solution was pretty brilliant I gotta sImageay. I installed a computer software monitoring program to my own computer. That way anyone who’s on it will be unknowingly monitored. All their actions on there are recorded, it even takes a web cam screen shot when active. Its like a personal computer security system. Better not try to rob my computer thieves! Anyways I found this security system at a review site. It went over the pros and cons of all the top brands of computer monitoring software. The reviews are at PC Monitoring Software’s, and I highly recommend downloading one of the trials. You just got to see this software in action.

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